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9. a. 1. not a big deal-մեծ բան չէ

2. and that’s that-և այդպես է

3. Go on-շարունակել

4. I beg your pardon-ներողություն

5. after all-ամենից հետո

6. well done-շատ լավ է


b. 1. A:Jenny-please come to the cinema with me!

B:Listen, Mark- i don’t want to go to the cinema with you and that’s that. OK?

2. A: How did it go at the dentist’s.

B: It was OK. I was really scared before i went- but it wasn’t to bad well done.

3. A: That dress looks horrible!

B: I beg your pardon?

4. A: I heard that you won a skateboarding competition after all.

B: Thanks. But it’s not a big deal- I mean, it was only a small competition.

5. A: I think the water’s really cold. I don’t want to go in.

B: Go on! It’s OK- it’s not that cold!

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Lesson 1

Jungle Survival/to read the text and translate/page74



2. a) 1. There was fruit on some trees, but shre didn’t eat it  – b. she knew it was too dangerous.

2. At night she stopped to sleep, because – c. it ws too dark to walk.

3. She swam in the river, because – a. the water was too deep to walk in.

b) 1. I can’t watch the rest of the film. I’m too tried! So I’m going to bed.

2. It’s too cold to go swimming today.  We’ll freeze!

3. Grandma doesn’t want to come to the party. She says she’s too old for parties and dancing!

4. I want a new mobile phone, but they’re too expensive. I don’t have that match money.

5. I didn’t like the film it was too boring. I only like short films.

6. He didn’t answer any of the questions. They were all too bord.


Lesson 2

The Last Delivery/to read the text and translate

Hometask: write a composition »I am waiting for  New Year»