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Lesson 1

Mysterious stones/read the text and answer the questions/page 74

Grammar/Modals of deduction(past)

Hometask:2/d,page 75

2. d)


Lesson 2

Mysterious stones/to retell one part of the text

Hometask:ex4/a,page 75

4. a)

4. a)

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Lesson 1

Read the text on page 68 and answer the questions.

Grammar:linkers of contrast/however/although/in spite of…

Hometask:ex.2/a,c,page 69

2. a)




Lesson 2

Find an information about Loch Ness. Why is it so famous?

Loch Ness is Scotland’s most famous loch and one of the world’s most famous lakes. Over 300 million years ago a collision of tectonic plates forced the land to bend and buckle, forming high mountains and deep gorges. In Scotland the collision is marked by the Great Glen which cuts across Scotland from Fort William on the southwest coast to Inverness on the northeast coast. The depths of these gorges were gradually filled with water and a string of lochs were formed; Loch Oich, Loch Lochy and Loch Ness. Here Scotland’s soft light, diffused through shrouds of mist and clouds tumbling overhead and caught by the swells and eddies of the restless water, deceives the eye and inspires the imagination

Loch Ness is the one of the largest lakes in the British Isles: it is about 24 miles long, up to half a mile wide and 980 feet deep containing roughly 265,000 million cubic feet of water; it is fed by eight rivers, sixty sizeable streams and countless smaller streams. These rivers and streams, washing peat particles down from the mountains which line its shores, make visibility in the loch practically nil. Nonetheless, the Loch is free of pollution and teeming with life; sea trout, brown trout, salmon, arctic char, eels and pike can all be found in its murky depths. There have even been reported sightings of sturgeon and dolphins. However, the loch is famed for a larger creature which is said to live here, known as the Loch Ness Monster or “Nessie”.

The first recorded sighting of the monster was in 565 AD. St Columba, while on a mission to convert the northern Picts, stopped off by the loch side to preach to some local people. While Columba was preaching there was a disturbance in the waters and the monster appeared. By some accounts one man was slain only to be returned to life by the divine powers of the saint. By other accounts the monster attacked a member of the congregation, at which point the saint made the sign of the cross and invoked the power of God to drive the beast away.

In 1933 an article in ‘The Scotsman’ newspaper cited a story from 1520 AD which mentioned the beast. It was the appearance of the article which seems to have stimulated interest in the loch and its wildlife. At the same time the construction of a new road on the northern shore opened up views of the loch which had never before been easily afforded. In any case, in the years that followed there was a spate of sightings. It was from this time that our modern image of the monster, pieced together from various eye witness accounts, began to emerge: a water dwelling dinosaur, probably some kind of plesiosaur. The story was published internationally, newspapers reported the monster as fact and journalists and photographers arrived from all over the world. Even the British Prime minister planned a monster spotting trip to the loch.

Sightings of the Loch Ness Monster have continued to this day. While several high profile sightings have been proved to have been falsified, many more remain unexplained. And while rigorous investigations of the waters have failed to uncover the monster, they have not yet proved conclusively that the monster doesn’t exist either! Regardless, interest in the phenomena shows no signs of abating; indeed the recent discovery of fossilised plesiosaur bones by the loch side has stimulated fresh interest.

To the cynic it must seem absurd that a place of such obvious natural beauty has been popularised by such a dubious claim to fame. They might point out that Loch Ness has so much to offer without Nessie. To some extent, of course, they are right. The Loch itself abounds with life, as do the mountains which surround it. The Great Glen is a flight path for migrating sea birds; buzzards, eagles and osprey can be seen soaring overhead while siskins and fieldfares can be spotted by the shore. The surrounding countryside is the domain of wildcats, foxes and red deer. Not only are there the attractions of nature: the loch is watched over by a number of ancient forts and castles, the most famous of which is Urquhart Castle, whose spectacular ruins sit on a rocky promontory which juts out into the loch. All the same, it is doubtful that even the hardest hearted cynic, on noticing a sudden disturbance in the waters, wouldn’t wonder… about what could possibly be out there.


1. We went out even thought the weather was bad.

2. She was found guilty of fraud. Because of this, she resigned from the government.

3. He can dance salsa as well as the cha-cha-cha.

4. She spoke Japanese as well as Korean.

5. She’s an expert on butterflies. What’s more, she knows a lot about ants.

6. On the contrary, he considers bullfighting a barbaric remnant of the Roman circus.

7. Despite being born in Madrid, she feels English rather than Spanish.

8. Altough it’s not the best option, it is definitely the cheapest.

9. At first, everyone was confused by all the changes.

10. Not only are drinks cheaper in Granada than in Valencia but also the bar snacks are free.

11. It was a secret, altough in the end the truth came out.

12. You can camp here as long as you have permission from the local council.

13. She left the party early, even though she was enjoying herself immensely.

14. The railway splits the town in two, not only physically but also socially.

15. They sell organic vegetables as well as cereals.

16. She arrived early so that she had time for a chamomile tea.

17. As far as she was concerned, the special offer was a con.

18. They were asked if they liked the new restaurant.

19. If you went to Paris, you might acquire an interest in impressionist art.

20. Genetically modified crops are extremely dangerous because they threaten the biodiversity of the planet.

21. The mistake would have been unimportant if the boss hadn’t noticed.

22. If you paid more attention, you’d notice so much more.

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Մի անգամ անապատում երկու ընկեր վիճում են և մեկը մյուսին ապտակ է հասցնում: Վերջինս, ցավ զգալով, բայց ոչինչ չասելով, ավազի վրա գրում է. «Այսօր իմ ամենալավ ընկերն ինձ ապտակեց»:
Շարունակում են ճանապարհը, գտնում մի օազիս և որոշում լողալ: Նա, ով ապտակ էր հասցրել, փրկում է ընկերոջը խեղդվելուց: Երբ փրկված ընկերն ուշքի է գալիս, գրում է քարի վրա. «Այսօր իմ ամենալավ ընկերը փրկեց իմ կյանքը»:
Նա, ով ապտակ էր հասցրել և փրկել էր ընկերոջ կյանքը, հարցնում է.
– Երբ քեզ ապտակեցի, դու ավազի վրա գրեցիր, իսկ հիմա քարի վրա: Ինչո՞ւ:
Ընկերը պատասխանում է.
– Երբ մեզ նեղացնում են, պետք է ավազի վրա գրենք, որ քամին քշի, տանի Իսկ երբ մեզ լավություն են անում, պետք է քարի վրա գրենք, որ ոչ մի քամի չկարողանա ջնջել:

Once in the desert, two friends argue and slapped each other. The latter, feeling pain, but not saying anything, writes on the sand “Today, my best friend slapped me.”. Continue the road, find an oasis and decide to ride. The one who slapped saves his friend from drowning. When a friend is rescued, he writes on the stone. “Today, my best friend saved my life.” The one who slapped and rescued his friend’s life asked.

-When I slapped you, you wrote on the sand and now on the stone. Why?

A friend answers.

-When we are offended, we have to write on the sand that the wind is driven. And when we are doing good, we have to write on the stone that no wind would be able to erase it.


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Lesson 1

Hometask:ex.2/a,b,e,page 55

2. a) 1. Jane can’t stand living with her evil aunt.

2. Why does the Count avoid seeing Jonathan during the day?

3. Biblo Baggins enjoys living an ordinary life.

b) 1. Jane to leave the school.

2. Count Darcula to buy house in England.

3. Jack to kill the beast.

4. Gloum to free Bilbo if he can solve a riddle.

e) 1. I can’t believe you chose to stay at home rather than come to the party with us.

2. After a lot of thought, I deicde to lendyou my MP3 player – but just for one night.

3. When I’m order, I offer to live in New yor or San Francisco.

4. My brother hope to help my homework last ngiht.

5. My sister expesct to play tennis – and she’s making good progress.

6. I’m amazed to my exam results – I learn to do so well.

7. I can’t afford to buy any computer games this moth. I’ve got no many left.

8. You promise to call me last night, but you didn’t. I left my phone on all night waiting for you.

Lesson 2

Hometask:5/b,page 56

5. b) agreement








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February 11-15

Project work/answer the questions

  • Do you think you have a healthy life style?

To some extent.

  • Is it possible to have a healthy life style in modern world?


  • Why do many people try to have a healthy life style?

Because health is the most important thing.

  • What is the main purpose of it?

Have a healthy lifestyle, being healthy.

  • What is healthy food?

Healthy food is the food which vitamins, fruit and other.

  • Do you pay much attention to what you eat

No, I eat what i like at this moment.

  • Do you think it is more important for you to eat healthy or tasty food?

If this healthy food is tasty, I will not give up.

  • Do you try to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at a certain time every day?

I am very busy and can’t eat at the same time

  • Do you have a snack every time you are hungry or do you wait for the lunch or dinner

I wait for the lunch or dinner.

  • What is better for health?


  • Do you think diets are useful or not?


  • Have you ever tried to go on a diet?


  • Is physical activity (jogging, going to a gym, swimming pool) an important part of a healthy life style?


  • What is your attitude to smokin?

It’s harmful thing and I hate that smell.

  • What is the influence of smoking on health?

It’s damages everything.

  • Is it hard to give up smoking?

Maybe, but it is possible. 

  • Do you know someone who gave up smoking?

Yes, my father.

  • What is the best way to give up smoking?

Only desire is needed